Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 4 2 V IEWPOINT Rising to the challenge By Harun Duzgoren, Subsea Global Solutions After working through the challenges of the past 24 months, Subsea Global Solutions is growing its capabilities to offer underwater maintenance and repair services around the world Much has happened in the past 24 months around the world for all of us, with the pandemic leading to changes in priorities and working environments, as well as causing additional complications in planning and movement. Reflecting on this, Subsea Global Solutions (SGS) has sought to improve its capabilities further while expanding its footprint globally and investing into new resources. We could not be prouder of our employees’ resilience and team camaraderie as they have adapted and grown throughout, responding to client challenges both old and new, even breaking records in the process. SGS continues to fully support our valued clients across the cruise sector, thanks to our unique fleet management service offering that allows us to proactively manage the hulls and propellers of most of our clients’ vessels and constantly monitor their condition. We do not wait until a ship reports excessive fuel consumption or reduction in speed, but schedule our services a year in advance once the brand itineraries are decided on. While we had to make certain adjustments to accommodate the frequently changing fleet itineraries and sailing schedules in 2021, this strategy typically allows us to plan for our services in advance at suitable ports, saving our clients valuable time and significant money. We can operate in an industry-leading range of ports, made up of 14 homeports and one of the largest vetted partner networks worldwide. With over 180 in-house divers and working procedures that are approved by all the major Subsea Global Solutions' in-house divers perform various work on cruise ships