Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 4 0 V IEWPOINT Reframing the idea of waste By Maximilian Lichtenberg, Meiko Meiko’s waste management and dishwashing solutions ensure operational efficiency and pleasant passenger experiences onboard Color Line’s hybrid ferry Spanning nine decks and measuring 160 metres in length, Color Line’s Color Hybrid is the largest plug-in hybrid ship in the world. The ferry sails between Sandefjord, Norway, and Strömstad, Sweden. Each time it docks, 11,000 volts of shore power rush through a massive plug into four battery banks, enabling the ferry to glide through the fjords for 20 minutes, completely silent and emission-free, before switching to the main engines on the open ocean. Until then, all onboard operations are run using green electricity from batteries powered by land-based hydroelectric plants, including the lighting, lifts and refrigerated counters. The heating is also sustainable: a recovery system uses the engines’ wasted thermal energy to heat the onboard spaces for up to 24 hours. Even the kitchen herbs thrive sustainably, braving the Nordic weather with the warmth and light of the on-deck Meiko’s food waste disposal system provides an odourless and sustainable solution for ship galleys