Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2022

1 0 6 CFR GREEN L I ST Ferry propulsion in focus Demand for electric propulsion in the ferry sector is growing based on requirements to reduce fuel consumption and enhance sustainability. Berg Propulsion’s recently launched Direct Drive Electric expands opportunities with a patent-pending solution, which integrates the electric motor and the propeller shaft. “Doing away with the gear box means shaft lines can be shorter and engine room footprints smaller, while energy savings compared to other electrical solutions can be over five per cent, achieving equivalent fuel consumption reductions,” says Jonas Nyberg, managing director for the West Hemisphere at Berg Propulsion. “The robust arrangement provides full capability to vary rpm, torque and pitch, enhancing ship handling. Fewer components also mean lower maintenance.” A propulsion system from Berg Propulsion Supporting fuel transition The shift to using hydrogen, ammonia and methanol may require retrofitting of ship engines, bunkering facilities, modification of fuel tanks and fuel delivery systems, recertification of equipment and processes and most importantly, retraining of crew. The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is supporting these efforts by encouraging ship managers, owners and operators to design and implement strategies to operate and manage environmentally friendly vessels that can be registered with us, says Captain Dwain Hutchinson, managing director and CEO of BMA. “We provide assistance in evaluating and approving training standards that aims at understanding these new fuel types, safe bunkering and safe operation of machinery that consumes these new types of fuels. The BMA team is actively engaged in a number of projects with owners, their design team including shipyards and the class societies to achieve this objective.”