Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

9 8 Supporting small artists Artwork provides a powerful way for cruise brands to enhance their interior decor schemes and reflect the culture of the destinations they visit while showcasing local talent Now that many cruise line interior designers are striving to become more sustainable, they are increasingly looking to local artists, businesses and carpenters to source furnishings and decorate the interiors of their ships. For example, when designing our new 228-guest ultra-luxury discovery yacht, Scenic Eclipse, we carefully sourced every inch of materials on the ship to ensure that it is unique, relevant and sustainable. Selecting the right artist and artwork is a hugely important part of this process and we are among many cruise lines seeking inspiration from small, local artists that are relevant to the destinations our ships visit. The artwork and soft furnishings onboard a cruise ship can be vital in bringing together a vision for public spaces, and are essential to guaranteeing a relaxing, beautifully designed space for guests to enjoy. Some cruise lines have even gone as far as to appoint a dedicated art curator to build gallery-worthy art collections onboard. The sheer number of individual artworks on even a small ship can be astounding – and it is with this that the industry can really make a difference in supporting the arts, particularly small artists. When designing our many public areas onboard Scenic Eclipse, the artwork was hand-selected by our expert interior design team to feature one-off pieces from artists around the world. The art onboard is varied, ranging from incredible resin art by Mitch Gobel – an Australian artist from Byron Bay – to an amazing geisha from British graffiti artist Carl Hush. Gobel’s beautiful work reflects the colours and movement of the ocean By Nichola Absalom, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours DES IGN PERSPECTI VE Left, Australian artist Mitch Gobel uses resins to create pieces that reflect the colours and movement of the ocean. Right, guests will be able to see Francois Bertrand’s gown-shaped spoon sculpture outside French champagne bar Lumière