Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

9 0 REV ITAL I SATION Keeping up with evolving business trends and continuing to meet customer expectations is a challenge for any business. To ensure it could do this, Denmark-based ferry operator DFDS embarked on a refurbishment project onboard its three ferries that operate between Dover, UK, and Dunkirk, France – Dover Seaways, Delft Seaways and Dunkerque Seaways. It then followed up with refurbishment projects onboard Côtes des Dunes and Côtes des Flandres, both of which run between Dover and Calais, France. “The central motivation for the refurbishment was quite simple; to provide our passengers with the best possible service and experience,” says Steven Newbery, onboard commercial director at DFDS. “With that, we began a major four-year upgrade programme to revitalise food and beverage outlets and create a fresh and modern feel.” DFDS enlisted the help of British design firm SMC Design and interior outfitters Aecor Marine and Trimline to bring its refurbishment programme to life. According to Newbery, the design concept was based on delivering a European-style coffee shop experience. “Colours and lighting were very important in this, so all three redesigns feature vibrant colours and take advantage of the beautiful sea views to give a more open feel,” he says. In line with this vision, the trio of design firms helped DFDS to create the new Lighthouse Café, a European coffee Steven Newbery of DFDS tells Elly Yates-Roberts about the onboard refurbishment of the line’s two English Channel ferries and the importance of improving the passenger experience A trio of transformations “ It ’s been a great collaboration all round, and we couldn’t be happier about the results” SMC Design, Aecor Marine and Trimline helped DFDS create the new onboard European coffee shop concept, Lighthouse Café