Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

8 1 works from Scottish painter Alexander Goudie, inspired by the region from which both the ship and the company took their names. In keeping with the tradition, Salamanca features colourful, street art-inspired murals from Spanish artist Rubén Sanchéz, who has previously worked with Facebook, YouTube and Nike. “Sanchéz reflects this lively, younger, hipper aspect of Salamanca in particular with his bold graphic style,” said Poppe. “He’s Spanish, originally from Madrid, and much of his iconography is rooted in Spanish everyday life. He’s inspired by Picasso and other Cubist painters, but he also has this skater and graffiti background, which makes him unique.” Spanish culture is heavily rooted in its cuisine, so the ferry also hosts multiple lounges, restaurants and bars, including Restaurant Azul, Taberna de Tapas, Commodore C-Club Lounge and Plaza Mayor. “The ship’s bar is based on the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, which is one of the most famous squares in Spain,” said Poppe. “I spent a lot of time there just hanging out and photographing the comings and goings at different times of day, which you’ll see in the images in the bar. Our hope is that when you sit down and have a drink in the bar, you’ll be transported to that feeling of relaxing in a Spanish square.” With such a focus on the destination, Salamanca is sure to delight its passengers. “We try to awaken all the senses onboard, to bring a taste of Salamanca to passengers: the soft colours of the sandy beaches, the seaside restaurants, a taberna de tapas that makes you want to taste the Spanish flavours, photography of the city, comfortable cabins, cultural information and, of course, the warm welcome of our onboard colleagues,” said Querné. CFI AN ODE TO HI STORY, ART AND KNOWLEDGE Salamanca’s art collection features street art murals from Spanish artist Rubén Sanchéz, whose style is inspired by Picasso and other Cubist painters, as well as his background as a skater and graffiti artist. Design note: