Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

6 6 INTERIOR V IEW nostalgia and innovation will be Empress Casino – a subtle nod to the past life of Carnival’s first two ships, Mardi Gras and Carnivale – formerly Empress of Canada and Empress of Britain, respectively. Many of the smaller ships in our fleet also have an Empress Deck for the same reason.” Carnival Celebration will also have Festivale Restaurant and Carnivale Restaurant – named after two of Carnival’s very first ships – and elements from other Carnival ships will be incorporated in other areas like the Aquaria Bar within Celebration Central, which will feature colourful glass murals from Italian artist Luciano Vistosi that were removed from Carnival Victory during the ship’s recent conversion to Carnival Radiance. Like Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration will feature six zones. “The look, feel and guest experience in each zone is intentionally distinctive, offering guests an incredible amount of variety throughout the ship in terms of food, drinks and entertainment,” says Aprile. “The entrances of each zone are designed to provide an exciting sense of arrival as guests transition into these unique environments throughout the ship. This also makes the experience of wandering through the ship a form of entertainment in itself. “We take a story-driven approach to developing designs for new concepts and features. Every design element from colours and materials to special features and fittings are selected to support the over-arching narrative and theme of the experience we are aiming for. This also applies to the service, programming, food and beverage offerings within each space.” CFI The Tropicale Bar is named after Carnival's first newbuild, which entered service in 1982 “ The look, feel and guest experience in each zone is intentionally distinctive”