Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

4 6 FEATURE Green products in the spotlight We highlight a selection of the eco-friendly products and services that are available for use onboard passenger ships Adopting a sustainable process Elmo Leather’s most popular product within the cruise industry is the fully biodegradable elmosoft, a chrome-free leather based on Scandinavian hides, which is traceable back to eco-farms that comply with the best welfare standards. In the production process Elmo generates zero waste, and all by-products in this process are sold to either be recycled, reused or turned into energy, with the water used in the process being turned into drinking water. Conscious sustainable sourcing As a leading interior outfitter in the cruise and ferry industry, Trimline makes a real effort to recommend and source sustainable options for its customers. This focus runs throughout all its projects, from initial contact and survey through to delivery and aftercare. Trimline’s product database and systems, coupled with its extensive supply chain, can help recommend products to meet both design intent and improve sustainability. In addition, Trimline is actively looking at its carbon footprint regarding travel for its labour and resources to try to minimise its environmental impact.