Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

4 2 FEATURE lights and switches the heating into eco-mode if the room is unoccupied. And Virgin Voyages is ensuring smart water use by equipping its ships with low-flow water fixtures, water-efficient dishwashers and laundry equipment, and vacuum toilets. Accelerating the pace of change When a good idea is proven onboard one or two ships the rate of adoption across the industry is staggeringly quick. LED lighting, low-flow water taps, energy-efficient glass, Energy Star-rated appliances, refillable toiletries and many other examples are now commonplace across the industry. “Living green has become a way of life, and the new norm and the marine industry should be the leader of this race,” says Captain George Koumpenas, chief operations officer at Celestyal Cruises. My Nguyen, director of design and interior asset management at Holland America Group, agrees that environmental considerations must always be top of mind for any passenger ship project. She says: “Sustainability should not just be a commitment; it should also be a mindset that influences our daily decisions in everything we do – from operations to interior design.” Thankfully, many operators have already made that commitment and are eager to embrace new sustainable innovations as they become available to help them achieve their environmental goals. “Sustainability has always been a cornerstone of our business at Norwegian Cruise Line, and it will remain a key pillar as we look to amplify and innovate our practices and offering over the next few years,” says Gary Anslow, senior director of sales for UK & Ireland at the company. Carnival Corporation is already making great strides in improving its environmental credentials. “We are investing heavily across our fleet in new ship designs and capabilities, green technology and better procedures and protocols to help protect the global environment,” says Roger Frizzell, senior vice president and chief communications officer at Carnival Corporation. “ Sustainability should not just be a commitment; it should also be a mindset that influences our daily decisions” My Nguyen, Holland America Group American Cruise Lines uses low-energy LED lighting and EPA Energy Star-rated equipment to reduce its onboard energy consumption