Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

FEATURE Sustainable maritime interiors The quest to build and maintain ship interiors that are better for the environment is well underway. Jon Ingleton shares some perspectives ahead of the release of Cruise & Ferry’s first Sustainable Maritime Interiors report in June Sustainability is a complex concept made more difficult to simplify by the absence of a globally consistent definition. The three most commonly referenced pillars perhaps provide the easiest framework for the passenger shipping industry to develop their strategies and initiatives. They include social, environmental and economic sustainability – or people, planet and profit. Our focus in this feature, and in Cruise & Ferry’s forthcoming Sustainable Maritime Interiors report, is the environmental pillar. Meaningful environmental progress is oftentimes frustrated by barriers associated with the other two pillars, not least the economics of finding alternatives for the products and practices that are currently damaging the environment. This is particularly apparent in the ship construction and interior outfitting stages, where there is much work to do in the quest to find Wasaline is proactively seeking environmentally friendly materials to use onboard its ferries 3 8