Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

3 6 COVER STORY the initial phase of the design process in a way we’ve never done before,” says Ørgård. “Using the data, we can show clients the impact their initial design decisions will have on the overall carbon footprint of their ship throughout its life. We can help them choose how to spread the carbon emissions between components that will be used throughout the ship’s life, as well as elements that will be replaced regularly during refurbishments. “Plus, we can show them how to reduce emissions by switching some components for more sustainable alternatives, without significantly changing the appearance of the space. We’ve developed a library of products and materials, all of which are categorised and colour-coded according to their sustainability credentials to make this easier.” The Danish design studio hopes to expand this library in the future by collaborating closely with suppliers and other key stakeholders to accelerate the development of sustainable products and materials. “We are currently pushing a manufacturer that offers around 12 PVC-free foil laminates to remove the plastic from its entire range of foils,” says Medelbye Hansen. “We are also working with the Copenhagen Institute of Technology to research how the shipping industry can make use of Leap, a leather alternative made from apple waste that was developed by Denmark-based company Beyond Leather.” The firm is also trying to push suppliers to conduct life cycle assessments. “We ask all suppliers for certificates to prove the sustainability credentials of their products and if they can’t we go elsewhere,” says Ørgård. “We also invite the supplier to send us data about the raw materials and manufacturing processes so our startup partner can perform a life cycle analysis on their behalf. We hope this will encourage more companies to take sustainability seriously.” To date, the supplier community has been receptive to Steen Friis Design’s efforts to advocate change across the supply chain. “Everyone knows they must improve, so we’re having productive conversations and our suppliers are really listening to us,” says Medelbye Hansen. “Progress will likely be hard and slow as there’s a huge amount of work to do and it’s challenging to develop sustainable products and materials in an industry where everything must also comply with strict International “ We can show clients the impact their initial design decisions will have on the overall carbon footprint of their ship” Anders Ørgård Steen Friis Design is working on multiple expedition cruise ships, many of which are designed to offer panoramic views of the landscapes they are sailing through