Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

3 3 1. Gerflor’s Streamo floors are REACH compliant, meaning that the chemicals used in production have been registered, evaluated and authorised by the European Chemical Agency. On average, each floor covering comprises 20 per cent recycled content and is 100 per cent recyclable. They are also designed to reduce the impact of maintenance. Gerflor’s patented Evercare surface treatment means that the amount of water, energy and detergents is kept to a minimum, reducing maintenance costs. 2. Malone Fabrics’ newly launched 12 natural and renewable cotton fabrics are suitable for upholstery and drapery. All the products meet the Global Recycled Standard certification standards, contribute towards sustainable interior design, are inspired by nature and produced with respect for the environment. 3. All Rohi fabrics are made from a high-grade of virgin wool, which is a natural and fast-growing resource. Sheep grow a new fleece twice a year and thus naturally provide a constant renewable source. Rohi sources mulesing-free wool from spinning mills in Europe and ensures that all its suppliers are members of the International Wool Textile Organisation. Additionally, no pesticides, heavy metals, nickel or other harmful substances are used. 4. Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik’s Redal is a high-quality, wool fabric that is available in a variety of colours and is certified with the EU Ecolabel. The composition is all made from natural materials. Redal is certified by the International Maritime Organization and uses no added chemicals since wool is naturally flame retardant. 5. Morbern Europe’s Evohide coated fabrics are formulated with bio-attributed PVC resins, which originate from agricultural and forestry biomass, and bio-based plasticisers derived from European and USA-sourced soybean oil. Furthermore, the polyester backing fabric is made from used plastic water bottles. This combination of renewable ingredients makes for a 75 per cent sustainable content vegan leather, suitable for all indoor and outdoor upholstery applications. 6. FENIX by Arpa Industriale, through Formica, is an innovative material which is designed to last. It is carbon neutral and consists of 60 per cent biomaterial. The material is super-matt and soft touch with anti-fingerprint and thermal healing abilities. FENIX NTM and NTA are available in timeless, nature-inspired design, and are intended to complement any decor scheme. 7. Ulster Carpets’ bespoke, wool-rich flooring features onboard Ponant ’s Le Commandant Charcot, which is the world’s first hybrid-electric polar exploration ship powered by LNG. The designs complement the warm, understated settings of Le Commandant Charcot, in keeping with the Ponant philosophy of providing a calming environment. 8. Vyva’s Kilkenny Linen is a 100 per cent natural fabric, created using fibres of vegetable origin such as linen and viscose. It is rendered completely fireproof through an innovative patented technology that does not use chemical additives or flame-retardant resins, such as formaldehyde and bromine derivatives. This reduces the possibility of harmful products coming into contact with the environment. 6 7 8