Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

3 1 cruise ship. Dynamic Attractions has transformed its most popular attraction systems, re-engineering them to bring repeatable, high-impact entertainment to cruise ship guests. More companies than ever are taking steps to embed sustainable design into their latest collections, delivering fresh products that excite designers while meeting their environmental objectives. Agua Fabrics will be exhibiting, having released its first sustainable fabric collection, entitled VerdEco. The new eco-friendly collection is designed with waste reduction in mind and is created from 100 per cent recycled yarn and uses zero water in its production. Agua Fabrics estimates that upholstering a three-seater sofa using VerdEco saves 250 litres of water – the average quantity of water used in fabric production for a product of that size. Designers perusing the samples at CSI will enjoy an extensive 35-shade range of rich melange colours. Radici has continued its long track record of sustainable design by entering its econyl-yarn product Bloom into the sustainable flooring market. After embedding recyclability into its design process, the textile flooring specialist aimed to improve the sustainable credentials of the design phase of its products. Bloom brings the circular economy to cruise ship interior design with an econyl that can be recycled, remoulded and remade. Furthermore, Landa puts sustainability at the centre of the passenger experience with its eco ranges of hotel amenities. Guests are more fluent in sustainability than ever before, and packaging is a subject on which they have become highly educated. Most passengers are able to recognise the materials used in packaging and accurately assess its recyclability or reusability. Landa utilises a variety of sustainable techniques in its sustainable ranges, including eliminating plastics, using recycled plastic, sustainable alternatives such as the cellulose and corn starch-based Elote or soy ink. CFI Abigail McMahon is content manager at Elite Exhibitions Dynamic Attractions’ booth at CSI will exhibit its new Dynamic Compact Flying Theatre