Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

2 3 Metalcolour releases 2022 DOBEL Design Chart Every two years, pre-painted steel producer Metalcolour releases a new edition of its DOBEL Design Chart, which contains a mix of both its most popular and new trending designs for its decorative coatings. The company has now introduced the 2022 edition of the chart, with real samples of 72 of the most popular designs alongside 10 new creations. In total, Metalcolour keeps about 400 designs in stock and another 1,000 are available on request. DOBEL Film Laminated Metal from Metalcolour can be bent, stretched, stressed and used for years without loss of performance. The combination of the product’s metallic properties and a range of design options makes it a versatile material that is suitable for a wide range of applications such as marine interiors, security doors, and elevator interiors, among others. Viewpoint: Paul Pringle Sustainable blinds “One of the growing trends in the maritime blinds sector is the use of sustainable fabrics where around 50 per cent of the raw materials are plastics gathered from our over-polluted oceans. At Solarglide, we believe it is great that ocean plastics are being repurposed to become functional products that benefit both crew and passengers at sea. Consequently, we are introducing more of these fabrics to our maritime blinds range as part of our ‘pledge to net zero’ sustainability strategy.” Paul Pringle is managing director of Solarglide Harland & Wolff to dry-dock P&O Cruises and Cunard ships Harland & Wolff will carry out standard dry-dock works on P&O Cruises’ Aurora and Cunard’s Queen Victoria at its yard in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The projects will demonstrate the shipyard’s skills, capabilities and expertise in carrying out work on cruise ships. The first ship to arrive was Queen Victoria, which entered service in December 2007 and docked at the yard between 2 and 19 May 2022. The vessel was the largest cruise ship to have ever dry-docked in a UK shipyard and the only Cunard ship to have done so in Belfast. P&O Cruises’ Aurora, which entered service in May 2000, will be at the yard between 9 and 23 June 2022. The arrival of these ships in Belfast will enable Harland & Wolff to reach another milestone in its re-activation strategy across its key markets. “When acquiring the assets of Harland & Wolff (Belfast) in December 2019 and in a pre-pandemic period, the cruise industry was one of our key target markets,” said John Wood, CEO of Harland & Wolff. “Our facilities are ideally placed to capitalise on these types of large projects whilst we continue servicing our smaller but regular clients.” IT’S ALL ABOUT Designers should consider different perspectives and use a combination of contextual layers to create compelling interiors, according to the International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers (IFI) in its most recent issue of Design to Designers. The key themes designers should focus on include: • Place • Past and present • Materials • People • Form.