Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

1 4 2 Tillberg Design of Sweden Småbåtshamnen 24, Höganäs, S-263 39, Sweden Tel: +46 42 23 80 90 Tomas Tillberg Design’s experienced professionals and diversified partner networks have many years of experience in exceeding customers’ expectations and serving clients globally. Some of the services it provides include space planning, public area design, accommodation design, refurbishing, contractor specification, furniture design, signage, art consultation, lighting, project planning, scheduling, budgeting, bidding/contractor selection, and furniture, fixtures and equipment. In addition, the company provides services throughout all phases of implementation including concept, specification, development, negotiation, quality control, delivery, and warranty interaction between owner and builder. Thanks to the many years of experience in the maritime industry, the company also has expertise in connecting and managing communication between builders and owners. Almaco’s innovative products and services have been providing complete accommodations and catering solutions to shipowners and yards since 1998. The company has carried out over 300 projects around the world and built and refurbished over 26,000 cabins. Its agility, high quality and project management expertise deliver the ultimate value to its customers, who build and modernise ship interiors from cabins and galleys to provision stores, refrigeration machinery and laundries. With its energy, time and space-saving systems, Almaco supports its customers through the whole process – from concept design through to project delivery. With local presence around the world, Almaco also provides after-sales support to customers, offering a variety of new and replacement equipment, as well as maintenance services, regardless of the original supplier. Aros Marine is a marine outfitting services and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems provider that works on both refurbishment and newbuild projects. The company works tirelessly to provide clients with high-quality services in line with its motto: Ships you are proud of! Aros Marine has more than 10 years’ experience in the maritime market and has provided services worldwide. The company’s expertise includes interior outfitting, HVAC systems, turnkey project management, design and engineering, and furniture production. The company also offers maintenance solutions with a mobile team that provides support to customers. ‘Design that improves business’ is a statement that accurately summarises what Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) offers to all its clients. TDoS has created award-winning designs for more than 250 projects of all sizes, both on land and afloat. Covering everything from timeless elegance to highly innovative concepts, the tailor-made designs from TDoS enhance the uniqueness of each brand it works with. With more than 120 employees, the team has a healthy mix of solid experience and fresh creative talent. The office has a highly skilled concept studio, with access to a vast and up to-date collection of materials from select suppliers, as well as a graphics department. TDoS has a united and passionate creative spirit, a ‘hard work, no frills’ attitude, and is constantly seeking to renew itself. This, paired with its solid organisational and project management skills, has given TDoS its top industry ranking. Almaco Uudenmaantie 100, Turku, Piispanristi, 20760 Finland Hanna Långström, Marketing and PR Manager Tel: +358 40 517 38 11 Tomas Tillberg Design 2256 Weston Road, Weston, Florida, 33326, USA Tomas Tillberg, Managing Partner Tel: +1 954 761 1097 Aros Marine Liepu str. 54, LT-92106, Klaipeda, Lithuania Kamilé Balnasové, Marketing Manager Tel: +370 60 871 055 CFI DIRECTORY I N T E R I O R O U T F I T T I N G >