Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

1 1 7 Partner Ship Design uses some of the most innovative technology to deliver experiences that exceed guest expectations. For Seidenfaden, the secret ingredient is the firm’s 3D department. “Every rendering you see starts here,” he explains. “We don’t just create photorealistic images, we visualise the atmosphere of each space.” Partnership is another key ingredient for creating functional and successful cruise ships. “Delivering the best guest experience is the top priority for us, and we’re not able to realise our dreams without the help of shipowners and their teams, engineers, contractors and, last but not least, shipyards,” says Seidenfaden. “It is all in our name: Partner Ship Design.” Cooperation between every party is essential for delivering unique vessels that we have become known for.” Two of the crown jewels of Partner Ship Design's portfolio are Costa Toscana and Costa Smeralda. Both cruise ships are fully powered by LNG. Despite being designed by a German firm, the ship honours Costa’s Italian Partner Ship Design included several Italian influences in the design of Piazza Trastavere onboard Costa Smeralda, including an interpretation of Rome’s Pantheon