Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

1 1 3 INTERIOR COMMENTARY Sustainability is the new luxury By repairing surfaces onboard, and thus prolonging useful life, Magicman eliminates the waste produced when damaged items are discarded only to be replaced with new Luxury and sustainability are two words which, to many, don’t seem to go together. But what if we could have both? What if we could repair our beloved items and make them last longer? People are looking for quality over quantity but spending a fortune on luxury items doesn’t always guarantee longevity. If an item becomes damaged, we don’t want to throw it away, as we often can’t afford replacements. That’s where Magicman comes in. At Magicman, through research and development we are always looking to extend our repair and rejuvenation capabilities by reviewing new substrates and finishes to develop even more sustainable repair methods. Magicman saves huge amounts of waste going into landfill each year by extending the useful life of items and areas onboard. We restore items back to their former glory instead of replacing them, creating less waste and less demand for raw materials. Some cruise operators are unaware that damaged surfaces, items and areas can be restored, repaired or rejuvenated to incredibly high standards. Not only is this possible while the ship is in dry dock or alongside, but it can also be carried out by ‘ride along’ teams whilst the ship is in service anywhere in the world. Magicman is the market leader in providing a sustainable solution for hard surface repairs. We are an innovative company with a vision to reduce waste, avoid landfill, and preserve our planet, offering a fantastic alternative to replacement of damaged or defective surfaces and can repair virtually every possible type of surface to match their original appearance. The Magicman team is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of service to our customers, giving them the best possible results. A shift towards sustainable luxury will improve the quality of our lives while reducing our impact on the planet. CFI Mark Henderson is chief executive of Magicman By Mark Henderson, Magicman Magicman’s team is able to restore damaged hard surfaces to their original appearance without replacing them