Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2022

1 0 6 DES IGN PERSPECTI VE Assam Bengal Navigation designs interiors that reflect the heritage and culture of the communities living along the Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers in India Located in Assam in North East India, Assam Bengal Navigation is an Indo-British, family business owned and managed by the Phookans and Brocks. It was founded on strong principles of delivering conscious luxury travel since 2003. We focus on bringing together our expertise in tourism with our experience of operating in global markets and our in-depth knowledge of North East India to create compelling cruises on the Ganges and the Brahmaputra Rivers in India. Our geographical location plays a pivotal role in our company’s story. Assam is our home and we feel strongly connected to the region, its people, their culture and the environment. The region offers many highlights, such as the seven national parks and 18 wildlife sanctuaries along the Brahmaputra River, yet not many people in the world are aware of this unique geographical location. Consequently, we aim to invite guests to experience it for themselves onboard our river boats, which are designed to reflect our company heritage and celebrate the region’s distinct culture. We are also consciously seeking to achieve a relationship with the river and the local environment so that we can offer our guests an authentic, wholesome experience. Our vessels showcase our company’s strong familial ties to the region and our deep connection with the two Himalayan River valleys and their indigenous communities. So, Assam Bengal Navigation’s ecochic interior style is inspired by the By Antara Phookan, Assam Bengal Navigation ABN Charaidew II has been designed to reflect the Assam Tea Plantation lifestyle of the colonial times whilst being contemporary A Himalayan river odyssey