Cruise & Ferry Review - Spring/Summer 2021

1 2 0 We take a look at some of the solutions that are making passenger ships safer and more connected than ever before FEATURE: NAV IGATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Brent Horwitz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cruise and Ferry at Speedcast “It is now possible to enjoy the same digital experience customers depend on at home while at sea. Speedcast Launch offers cruise and ferry passengers and staff a seamless solution for their digital activities. Through a self- service portal with flexible payment options, the Launch portfolio delivers fully managed, high-speed internet and entertainment services – including films, television and periodical content – via a robust global network. In just a few clicks, Speedcast creates a digital world through devices, enabling users to catch up with friends, enjoy the latest blockbusters and stay connected to worldwide news while sailing on a cruise ship or ferry.” “Although land-based communications around the world have matured, maritime systems have lagged. These communications have relied on physical hardware, like radios and satellite phones, and have failed to take advantage of technologies such as mobile applications and internet protocol-based communications systems. Mobile devices can unify onboard crew and support staff ashore, enabling them to communicate as easily as if they were dialling a colleague’s office extension. Mobile applications do not disrupt or consume satellite bandwidth, which makes them a safe and efficient way for crew to discuss tasks, schedules and emergencies via voice, video, push-to-talk or full-featured chat.” Nicholas Kyriakides, Chief Operating Officer of netTALK Maritime Embarking on innovation