Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2021

8 5 spacious and the public areas have been designed to maximise the spectacular views, offering every guest the best seat in the house,” says Seebacher. This attention to light and space stems from Viking’s Scandinavian heritage, which is reflected in a clean and minimalist design. “We have incorporated some local design elements including parquet wood flooring and rich, earthy tones, as well as locally sourced timber which has been used in the wall panelling, light fixtures and furniture,” says Seebacher. “To complement the tropical environment Viking Saigon will be sailing in, we have also incorporated local flora and hanging garden-style décor. All of this gives Viking Saigon a unique ambience, whilst staying true to our design ethos.” To realise this, Viking has built on its long-standing collaboration with US- based Rottet Studio and SMC Design in London, UK. “Our chairman Torstein Hagen admires Scandinavian design and has a clear vision for all of our ships,” says Seebacher. “These designers have delivered on this and brought the same understated elegance and comfortable design to the new vessel.” While this understated elegance is part of Viking Saigon’s uncluttered and restful appearance, the ship will also offer some real luxuries. “The infinity pool with its great position on the back of the ship will certainly be a popular spot for all our guests,” says Seebacher. “Due to its proximity to the shore and water level, guests will feel immersed in the local countryside whilst enjoying a refreshing dip. It will be an unmissable experience, especially when the ship sails through the narrower river sections in the jungle.” However, Seebacher has another favourite space onboard. The Sky Bar is the best place on the ship to spend time with friends and enjoy a drink or snack,” he says. “Viking Saigon will sail throughout the year due to the warm climates in the region. I am sure that guests will want to spend as much time as possible outside on this beautiful deck, taking in not only the varied and interesting landscapes of Vietnam and Cambodia as they travel along the Mekong, but also the sights and sounds of life along the riverbanks. Add in a beautiful sunset and I can’t think of a more magical travel experience.” CFI Viking Saigon has been designed to give guests uninterrupted views of the Mekong River and surrounding countryside