Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2021

7 4 P aying homage to its first ship which sailed its maiden voyage in 1872, Holland America Line is celebrating the Rotterdam name with its new vessel, scheduled for launch in August 2021. Despite being the newest member of the line’s Pinnacle class, My Nguyen, design director of Holland America Group, believes Rotterdam will reflect the timeless European elegance that customers have come to love from the brand. “If we’re talking about the essence and design of what makes Holland America, it’s absolutely Rotterdam,” she says. “The onboard spaces offer a feeling that is historic and uniquely Holland America.” While the brand is known for its classic elegance, Holland America and its team of designers – which include Tihany Design, YSA Design and Nguyen – work to ensure that each ship is different and has its own personality. “We all have our own styles, but they merged to create this timeless design on Rotterdam,” says Nguyen. “There is a layering of materials, colours and shapes that are not so trend-oriented. They aren’t focused on the past, present or future, but they make you feel comfortable and welcome. I think all three design perspectives were able to capture that.” Rotterdam is built on underlying themes of music and its architecture. This is reflected in the ship’s multiple music venues, including the classical Lincoln Center Stage, piano bar Billboard and Rolling Stones rock venue, as well as some striking design features in spaces such as the atrium. “The sculpture in the atrium is very unique,” says Nguyen. “Taking inspiration INTERIOR V IEW Holland America Line is challenging the typical idea of innovation by bringing timeless elegance to its ships through food, music and art. My Nguyen tells Jon Ingleton more Rotterdam The main sculpture in the atrium spans multiple decks and reflects the musical themes onboard by taking inspiration from the inside of a violin