Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2021

6 7 The Sunset Lounge on Tallink Grupp’s Silja Serenade is a popular spot with guests our market position and what our customers think about us. This helped us define the core goals of the project and all our design decisions were made with these in mind. Any experienced interior architect can produce an attractive design, but the interior design will be more relevant and long-lasting if it’s closely tied to our brand and ethos. AS : We want to create comfortable, pleasant and airy spaces with neutral tones that align with our thoughts around modern classic design to ensure the vessel stands the test of time. We put our customers at the heart of all our interior design choices and give them options about the level of accommodation they require. Above all, we want to deliver the romantic idea of sailing on a high-quality vessel that has been specifically designed for the route. TCT : We consider the needs and preferences of all our customer segments when designing and upgrading interiors for our vessels – we aim to familiarise them with our products and services but offer them pleasant surprises where possible. For example, we’ve contemplated our brand positioning, what is important for our customers and what factors will influence their onboard behaviour during the design process for our newest shuttle vessel MyStar (due to debut in early 2022). The key brand promise for our shuttle vessels is that they are effortless, reliable, fast and modern, so we try to incorporate this into the interiors too. What are your fundamental priorities when making interior layout and design choices? BD : The comfort and safety of our passengers, alongside durability and long-lasting design, were our key priorities for the recent refurbishments on our ships and as a result, we have practical and functional spaces that are open, inviting and contemporary. The upgrades were designed to give passengers more onboard experiences to enjoy and even more reasons to fall in love with sea travel. We’ve ordered two new steel monohulls from Finnish shipbuilder Rauma Marine Constructions to replace our existing vessels and we’ll use everything we learned during their successful refurbishments to guide the design principles for the interior design and layout for the new vessels. GE : Business performance must naturally be our priority but it’s possible to create synergies between business and interior design goals. Every square metre and design choice onboard a newbuild must be optimised to ensure profitability, “ The interior design will be more relevant and long- lasting if it ’s closely tied to our brand and ethos” Gustaf Eklund, Viking Line