Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2021

4 6 Collaborative creativity Carnival Australia’s Petra Ryberg explains why it is important for designers to listen to others and actively seek opportunities to grow and improve FEATURE: COLL ABORATION W hen Petra Ryberg was an interior design intern in New York, USA, she received a sage piece of advice that she still recalls whenever she makes a design decision in her current role as head of design for Carnival Australia. “One of the first things I remember our principal designer saying is: ‘You are not designing for yourself – you are designing for your client who is ultimately creating the best experience for their guests,’” she says. “That has stayed with me and I always keep the guests’ impressions, experiences and emotions in mind when I’m designing spaces for our ships.” Perfecting the art of creating onboard spaces that resonate with guests is an ongoing process. “There are always new things to learn and ways to improve what you’re doing,” explains Ryberg. “I try to keep an open mind and find an opportunity for growth in every experience. For example, if I see a piece of art with a nice colour combination or an interesting building, I’ll add these elements to my memory bank and pull them out when I need them for a design project.” People also provide a valuable source of information and inspiration. “We can learn a lot by listening to each other and sharing experiences to understand how another person would approach a specific challenge,” says Ryberg. “Suppliers are a wonderful source of knowledge and you can learn many new things about production processes and materials that will make it easier to create an end experience. Asking on-site contractors for feedback is also valuable.” Once the ship is in service, Ryberg recommends that designers speak with the onboard operational teams to see how the spaces are being received by guests. “Ask how specific elements of the design are being perceived, whether the flow of the space is working well, and if there is something they think should be done differently in future projects.” CFI “ I always keep the guests’ impressions, experiences and emotions in mind when designing spaces”