Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2021

4 4 Collective wisdom Collaboration and cooperation are two of the key factors for success in any passenger ship interior design project. Rebecca Gibson asks representatives from across the sector to share their knowledge and expertise FEATURE: COLL ABORATION I nterior spaces on cruise ships or passenger ferries need to offer an attractive aesthetic appearance that will resonate with guests, but must also be functional, durable and designed in accordance with strict maritime safety requirements. It’s a delicate balance for the designers involved and one which is near impossible to achieve without a collaborative team. Designers and architects, outfitters, suppliers and classification societies must be able to work together effectively to share their ideas, advice and best practices to achieve the same ultimate goal: create ships that deliver outstanding onboard experiences that exceed guest expectations. In the following pages, we reveal insights from experts across the industry into the design process, covering education, refurbishment, certification, safety standards, colour choices, material selection and much more. CFI