Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2021

4 0 “We put a lot of effort into choosing the furniture, furnishings and the interior layouts to create a cosy and calming atmosphere onboard each vessel.” Explaining that most guests prioritise the destination when choosing an expedition cruise, Louis-Jacques says her team wanted nature to take centre stage onboard the ships too. “The vessels will be sailing through some of the most beautiful landscapes, so we wanted to give guests every opportunity to immerse themselves in their surroundings and spot unique wildlife from the comfort of the ship. All the vessels have cabins with ocean views, public spaces with expansive windows, and dedicated outdoor observations decks or viewing platforms.” The 104-metre-long vessels will have capacity for between 130 and 200 passengers and have been designed to the same technical specifications by Norway- based firm Ulstein Design & Solutions. This means every ship will comply with Polar Code 6/Ice Class 1A and Safe Return to Port standards and will feature balcony cabins, zero-speed stabilisers, five Zodiac loading ports and systems for dynamic positioning. They will also have Ulstein’s innovative X-Bow hull to improve handling in rough seas and lower fuel consumption. SunStone Ships is leasing the vessels on long-term charters to Albatros Expeditions, Aurora Expeditions, Vantage Travel and Victory Cruise Lines. Each charterer has been allowed to largely control the aesthetic appearance of their ships. “The charterers are based in different countries and they each have their own target market, so they all wanted to modify the designs to create the types of interiors that would resonate best with their guest demographic,” says Tillberg. “Consequently, there are variations in the numbers of cabins and suites, the layout of public areas, the types of restaurants and lounges, and the finer design details such as colour palettes and furnishings. “Greg Mortimer, for example, has a helipad rather than a pool on the top deck to enable Aurora Expeditions to offer helicopter excursions. Meanwhile, Ocean Victory has an extra bow observation deck, a heated infinity pool, and a top- Tomas Tillberg Design’s team has designed warm and welcoming interiors onboard Vantage Travel’s Ocean Explorer COVER STORY