Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2021

2 8 Upgraded lighting solutions Viewpoint: Aldona Mäkinen TVV Marine Lighting has been producing high- quality marine-grade lighting solutions since 1999. All eco-friendly products are designed, manufactured and produced in Finland. Our in-house 3D designers and engineers can quickly create new designs and products of highest quality using advanced LED technology. All of our fixtures are tested individually in our test lab to ensure that quality and durability will meet even the highest expectations of usage onboard cruise ships. TVV also offers a bespoke range of products, such as LED downlights, which have distinctive and unique design, but are in keeping with lighting and marine standards. Aldona Mäkinen is CEO of TVV Marine Lighting Glass manufacturer Preciosa’s Pearl Wave chandelier consists of handmade crystal spheres made from triplex opal crystal. It can be installed on cruise ships and yachts when using Preciosa’s engineering technology and stiff rods for suspension. Pearl Wave has been designed to move in a way that is reminiscent of sea waves, and its curving form recalls the shape of a seashell. The chandelier can be customised by changing the type of material and the way it is suspended, while the shape can be designed to fit the look and purpose of the space. It can be interactive, dynamic or static, depending on the client’s needs. Preciosa’s Pearl Wave Product highlight WMF 1300 S Product highlight WMF Group has developed a new coffee machine named WMF 1300 S, which offers a range of new features for greater dependability and serviceability. The fully automatic machine has a recommended daily capacity of up to 120 cups on average, and up to three optionally lockable hoppers. The milk systems ensure that the quality of the beverages remains consistently high, regardless of whether they are made with cold milk, hot milk or hot milk foam. The machine is enhanced by features including an intelligent design concept that provides efficient access for servicing. CFI CURATED