Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2021

9 0 FERRY ORDER BOOK T he global ferry order book in the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Cruise & Ferry Review , discussed five Stena RoRo E-Flexer ferries. On long-term charter to DFDS, Côte d’Opale has now made her debut between Dover, England and Calais, France, while Brittany Ferries’ next E-Flexer, the LNG-powered Salamanca, is currently under construction at the CMI Jinling Weihai Shipyard. She will be followed by what was expected to be the final vessel in the series, Santoña. Since then, however, Stena RoRo has inked contracts for another three E-Flexers, confirming one charter agreement with Canadian federal Crown corporation Marine Atlantic and another two with Brittany Ferries. Stena RoRo’s evolving platform is proving attractive with multiple operators as it meets the requirements for an optimal hull form combined with dual-fuel engines and a new battery-hybrid solution to minimise emissions. E-Flexer 10 will be delivered to Marine Atlantic in 2024 and will run in eastern Canada between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, offering an essential service that is vital to the national supply chain. “The new vessel will play an important role in helping us to continue to meet the needs of our customers,” says Gary O’Brien, chair of the board of directors at Marine Atlantic. “The design of the vessel combines key priorities, such as manoeuvrability, safety and accessibility, while minimising environmental impacts, to provide our customers with a modern, efficient and reliable service.” Murray Hupman, president and CEO of Marine Atlantic, says: “We are excited to begin the countdown towards accepting the delivery of a new charter vessel for our service. We look forward to working with our partner in this project, Stena RoRo.” Stena is no stranger to Marine Atlantic as Per Westling, managing director for Global interest in Stena RoRo’s adaptable ro-pax ferry concept shows no sign of abating as Justin Merrigan reports March of the E-Flexers Marine Atlantic’s new E-Flexer will join the fleet in 2024 on the route between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia on Canada’s eastern coast