Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2021

1 3 8 “Ipinium is well-known for providing food-thawing solutions to the marine segment. Our thawing cabinet TINA is most frequently used on cruise ships, but we have other products that are being used daily in all kinds of kitchens worldwide, such as our oven pans. If a shipowner aims to reduce costs, raise the quality of food, use less space, save time and be more environmentally sustainable in a galley onboard its vessels, it may look to ‘vertical cooking’ as a replacement for the traditional frying table, which demands a lot of time, creates environmental problems and uses a lot of unnecessary energy. With Ipinium oven pans they will get the most out of their kitchen and their oven.” FEATURE “Reducing the risks of contamination in guest cabins is a challenge for cruise operators, especially during the pandemic. However, the risk to health and well-being posed by contaminated or dirty bedding, pillows, mattresses and duvets, is unknown to many. PneumaPure filtered SleepAngel bedding is the key to clean, intimate bed environments and an easy way to improve safety for guests and staff. SleepAngel is the hygiene leader and clinically proven to block viruses, allergens, bacteria and humidity – it not only is a barrier to the ingress of microorganisms and is waterproof, but it is also ventilated through mechanical a nano-porous filter to secure user comfort. SleepAngel bedding helps to save time, money and environment as it does not require laundry services (wipe clean) and keeps its shape and as-new look and feel for a longer period of time. Sebastian Pilups, Sales and Operations Manager at Ipinium Lyane Lind, Head of Research and Development at SleepAngel