Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2021

1 2 7 INTERV IEW Rocketing connectivity Socrates Theodossiou and Constantinos Spyrou of Tototheo Maritime discuss the benefits of high-speed connectivity for cruise and ferry operators M aritime connectivity has become a necessity in the shipping industry as the pressure for operators to meet commercial demands increase. Owners and operators no longer see the shift from voice calls and slow data transfers to satellite broadband speed connectivity as a chore that satellite communication suppliers have pushed on them. As the benefits of connectivity have become clear, services such as remote connectivity have grown substantially, particularly as the Covid-19 pandemic has increased demand. In addition, there has been a rise in connected passengers who expect to be able to send photographs and comments on social media at the press of a button. “We have seen demand for connectivity related services skyrocket” says Constantinos Spyrou, chief commercial officer of Tototheo Maritime. “Demand for more airtime by some of our leading shipowner customers has come along with demands from new customers seeking to gain from our experience in rapid installations and secure connectivity solutions.” “Cruise and ferry companies have been badly hit by the pandemic, but they are also realising that as things return to a ‘new normal’ they need to provide the same level of connectivity onboard for passengers and guests as can be achieved onshore,” says Socrates Theodossiou, Tototheo’s co-CEO. Training is also an important element, not only for shore personnel but also for those onboard. Crews are expected today to take courses on cybersecurity awareness, including web security, and the risks associated with opening files in emails and on USBs that can lead to the introduction of malware. Theodossiou adds that Tototheo’s connectivity services are complemented by the range of digital applications offered by the company, providing operators with a critical link between vessel and office. “This needs robust and up-to-date security protocols,” he says. “Tototheo’s TM Security Operations Centre has helped shipowners build up their cyber strategy and provide continuous real-time monitoring for attacks or other security- related events. Cybersecurity is not an off-the-shelf purchase, but an ongoing commitment between a shipowner or operator and its customers that needs to be treated with the upmost concern, respect and care.” CFR “ We have seen demand for connectivity related services skyrocket” The TM Security Operations Centre helps shipowners improve their cyber strategy