Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2021

1 1 0 challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic for the foreseeable future. “The Covid-19 pandemic was never really a major threat to ferry operators because the vessels are well-suited to social distancing and the industry could very quickly implement new operational protocols to ensure safe travels,” says Roos. “However, with IMO Member States not being able to agree on common rules, most passenger traffic had to be suspended so many operators have lost out on two critically important summer seasons. “We’re cautiously optimistic that proposed ‘Covid passports’ will help business return to some normality, but it seems that IMO Member States are still hesitant to follow the agreed procedures, making passengers anxious about booking trips.” To quell these fears, Interferry members have been following jointly developed Covid-19 mitigation measures since summer 2020. “Our guidelines were revised in summer 2021 and outline various measures that will help to keep passengers and crew safe, both onboard the vessels and in ports and terminals,” says Roos. “These measures, combined with the robust IMO regulatory framework means that passenger shipping is generally one of the safest forms of transport.” CFR Representatives from the supplier community outline how their newest services and solutions are helping operators to mitigate a myriad of risks to keep their vessels operational and their passengers and crew safe and healthy Solutions for safety FEATURE: SAFET Y AT SEA