Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2020

Reviving the refurbishment market Many interior outfitters are taking the disruption to business as an opportunity to re-evaluate their practices. CFR speaks with some of the sector’s biggest names to learn more W hile the Covid-19 pandemic has presented challenges that require an immediate solution, many in the industry, including refurbishment partners, are taking this opportunity to consider longer-term transformation. One of the key challenges that outfitters are facing is yard and material accessibility, according to Erik Schobesberger, vice president of modernisation sales and newbuilding support at marine construction company Almaco. “As technical maintenance schedules must be kept in line with class requirements and some yards might go out of business, finding enough capacity at experienced yards might pose a problem,” he explains. “Depending on how the pandemic develops, some geographical areas might be more accessible than others, leading to further crowding at those locations.” Collaboration will be required. “Deeper cooperation with coordinated efforts between the shipowners, repair yards and contractors will be needed so that planning for refits will be further enhanced,” says Schobesberger. “The main aim is to ensure that passengers feel safe about cruising again, and collaboration at a global scale to deliver this is essential.” James Crawford, marine business development manager at interior outfitting FEATURE Trimline’s ongoing maintenance service helps to extend the lifecycle of the ships and reduce costs 1 6 4