Cruise & Ferry Review - Autumn/Winter 2020

1 1 8 “Technology is an enabler, but value continues to come from human expertise and experience” O ver the past few months, Lloyd’s Register’s remote survey and technical support systems have proved vital in achieving some sort of business continuity for its customers. In fact, according to Joep Bollerman, global manager at the organisation’s Passenger Ship Support Centre in Miami, much has been accomplished that would not have been possible even a couple of years ago. “Remote surveys have been completed successfully and Lloyd’s Register has fulfilled an essential role as a strong link between cruise lines and flag state authorities, making the case successfully for remote surveys to flag state personnel who have sometimes shown reluctance to accept this new approach,” he says. Lloyds Register will continue to invest in digitising its services so that in the future these technologies become the norm rather than the exception. “The industry has to embrace the acceleration of the safe use of digital techniques to equip classification societies with the means to provide the safety assurance of ships and assets remotely, reducing the need for personnel to be physically present onboard ships,” Bollerman says. “This would lead to traditional physical attendance surveys becoming enhanced and supplemented by remote surveys and data through the use of digital technology such as digital twins, which will build confidence that safety levels and availability of ships can be maintained during periods when we cannot get onboard.” Despite all this, Bollerman is quick to explain that the move towards a more digital offering will not negate the importance of people. “Technology is an While Lloyd’s Register is welcoming digital technologies with open arms, it also acknowledges that the most value comes from human expertise and experience. Joep Bollerman explains why Adapt to succeed FEATURE: CL ASS IFICATION