Why do CraigCat catamarans offer an exhilarating ride?

Cruise lines can hire easy-to-use catamarans from US-based CraigCat Corporation to give their guests an unforgettable and enjoyable experience when they are in ports of call

Why do CraigCat catamarans offer an exhilarating ride?
The 11-foot-long CraigCat catamarans have a striking design and exude fun (Image: CraigCat Corporation)

This article was first published in the Autumn/Winter 2018 issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

Cruise operators are constantly striving to find that one special activity that will excite their guests and help them to create long-lasting memories when they visit ports of call. This is because they know that by successfully delivering an unforgettable and enjoyable experience, their company will be top of mind when travellers are booking their next cruise. Achieving this is easy when cruise operators offer their guests the chance to take an exhilarating ride on a catamaran from US-based company CraigCat Corporation.

Designed for everyone, the 11-foot-long CraigCat catamarans have a striking design and exude fun – people are always drawn to them when they see them in operation and the response from users is always “amazing”. Importantly, the CraigCat helps to enhance, rather than detract from, its surroundings for cruise guests, which is why places like Hilton Head in South Carolina, US have four CraigCat tour companies operating in the same area.

CraigCat Corporation has been building these catamarans for the past 30 years and a lot of thought and engineering has been put into them to ensure they are not only great fun to use, but also very easy to operate. The CraigCat is a banking catamaran, which means that it banks into turns like a V-hull vessel would, and it also has hulls that plane unlike other type of catamaran – it rides on top of the water, not in it. In addition, the CraigCat comes equipped with automatic stability control (ASC), so even if the user gives a highly erratic command, the movement will be automatically transformed into a nice, smooth, easy motion. The importance of ASC cannot be over-emphasised – the CraigCat will not do anything crazy even if the users try!

Together, all of these features mean that cruise guests will feel relaxed, secure and confident whenever they are using the CraigCat, which guarantees that they will enjoy a wonderful boating experience. The two comfortable, side-by-side seats also makes these catamarans very popular with couples.

Meanwhile, cruise operators can be reassured that the high-quality craft are reliable, require little maintenance and are very economical on gas. Plus, CraigCats are classified as open motorboats, rather than personal water craft, so insurance rates are outstanding.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Friday, November 23, 2018