NorthLink Ferries deploys mobile ticketing app from Corethree

NorthLink Ferries deploys mobile ticketing app from Corethree
Corethree's mobile app is making it easier for passengers to book and purchase ferry sailings (Image: Northlink Ferries)

NorthLink Ferries has implemented a new mobile ticketing app from Corethree to make it easier for passengers to book ferry sailings to Scotland’s Northern Isles.

Corethree built the app on its Core Engine, which was integrated with NorthLink Ferries’ existing ticketing system to eliminate the need to replicate data so the mobile channel could be deployed rapidly. Implementing the app in this way also meant that the staff did not need to be trained to use a new platform.

“What’s unique about this new app is that as a business, we executed a seamless integration between our Core Engine technology and NorthLink’s existing BookIT platform,” said Ashley Murdoch, founder and CEO of Corethree. “If a passenger books their ticket on a mobile device, the booking system already in place is instantly updated with passenger details, eliminating the need to manage both mobile and web channels simultaneously. This provides NorthLink with the ability to manage all bookings made on the BookIT platform via the mobile app. Crucially, the sales team are still able to utilise the systems with which they are familiar.”

Passengers can use the app to reserve tickets, cabins and vehicle spaces on Northlink Ferries’ sailings and pay securely via their mobile device – either as a guest or with their NorthLink ID account. This is quicker and more convenient than visiting one of the operator’s ticket office, or using its website or telephone booking system.

“With more people increasingly looking to be able to do more online with the brands they engage with, we knew it was time to introduce a new digital channel to support our customers in the booking process,” said Stuart Garrett, Serco’s managing director of NorthLink Ferries. “Our digital team has been working hard with software developer Corethree for the past few months to deliver our new booking app, allowing us to help our customers book and sail at the touch of a button. A great new addition to our website, the booking app seamlessly incorporates every element that our customers can choose to experience onboard with us as they travel to and from Orkney and Shetland.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Monday, October 1, 2018