AIDAnova prepares to leave Meyer Werft shipyard

AIDAnova prepares to leave Meyer Werft shipyard
AIDAnova will undergo sea trials and final outfitting before her deliveryon 15 November (Image: Michael Wessels)

AIDA Cruises’ fully LNG-powered ship AIDAnova is to leave Meyer Werft’s shipyard in Germany and begin her conveyance to Eemshaven in the Netherlands for her sea trials on 8 October, subject to water levels and wind and weather conditions.

AIDAnova is expected to leave the shipyard in the late afternoon when the water will be at its optimal level and then use her own power and propulsion systems to sail in reverse down the Ems river. Meyer Werft’s harbour pilot Wolfgang Thos will manage the conveyance, assisted by a team of river pilots from Emden who will be onboard the vessel and two tug boats.

The ship is expected to dock in Eemshaven at around 7am local time on Wednesday ahead of final outfitting and sea trials. While the vessel is in Eemshaven, AIDA will also test the performance of her LNG engines and practice bunkering operations.

AIDAnova will be delivered to AIDA on 15 November in Bremerhaven, Germany. Following a series of preview cruises, the vessel will embark on her official inaugural cruise on 2 December from Hamburg, Germany to the Canary Islands, where she will spend the rest of her maiden season.

Meyer Werft has been contracted to build two LNG-powered sister ships to AIDAnova by 2023.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Monday, October 8, 2018