A wave of innovation

Heineken’s BrewLock system helps some of the biggest cruise and ferry lines to deliver fresh draft beer onboard their vessels

A wave of innovation

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) predicts that the number of global cruise passengers is to reach more than 25 million in 2017, consequently, the pressure on cruise lines to deliver an outstanding onboard experience has never been higher. CLIA’s research also shows that the food and beverage experience is the top priority for most regular cruise passengers and that they now expect a wider choice of high quality brands and drinking experiences.

Heineken Global Duty Free shares its cruise customers’ commitment to enhancing the onboard beverage opportunities that optimise the guest experience. It offers a tripartite approach that involves a dedicated global cruise and ferry team, a powerful brand portfolio and the spirit of innovation.

The latest launch to drive the onboard experience is Heineken’s BrewLock system, which won Drinks Innovation of the Year and Supreme Champion at the Drinks International Travel Retail Awards 2016. The system was designed specifically to provide brewery quality draft beer and give cruise guests the optimal authentic Heineken experience. Beer in the BrewLock keg is protected from outside influences from the moment it leaves the brewery, so it’s as fresh as the day it was made when it is served to cruise passengers. Brands available through BrewLock are Heineken Light, Newcastle Brown Ale and, since early 2017, Strongbow Apple Cider. Heineken expects to add more brands to the BrewLock portfolio in future. In addition to serving a brewery quality draught beer, BrewLock delivers a range of operational efficiencies and significantly reduces logistical costs. Using a multi-layered 20L PET keg, the system is fully disposable and removes the need for additional gas and regulator systems. Incorporating a simple Easyfit coupler that enables quick keg changeover, the system is also 25% lighter than steel alternatives and delivers 100% yield.

“We looked at every aspect of the onboard service from our cruise customers’ perspective and developed BrewLock in response to their needs,” says Koos Vrijlandt, sales manager of Heineken Global Duty Free. “The cruise ship environment is unique and presents its own range of challenges but, thanks to our global innovations team, we have answered all the logistical issues and enable cruise and ferry guests to enjoy the perfect serve of Heineken beer and several of our other most popular beers and ciders at brewery quality.”

BrewLock is now available onboard key cruise ships and ferries across the world. “It’s delivering a new standard of onboard service and provoking rave reviews from our partners,” Vrijlandt remarks. “We provide a holistic range of support services through our dedicated specialist team, including, for example, our customised Cruise Navigator marketing programmes. We’ll continue to develop innovative ideas that enhance the guest experience and drive onboard operational efficiencies and sales.”

Today’s cruise guests also want exciting new food and beverage experiences so Heineken’s portfolio offers a range of flavours. Besides Heineken, which is enjoyed in 192 countries, Heineken offers Red Stripe, which was established in Jamaica in 1928; Dos Equis, the fastest growing Mexican beer; Lagunitas, the craft beer from California; and Strongbow, one of the world’s leading cider brands.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Tuesday, May 30, 2017